Trip to Trizonia

Trizonia island

Trizonia is a cluster of the Corinthian Gulf islands, comprising the islands Trizonia, Prasoudi, St. John and planemos.
The largest of these, and the only habitable is the island Trizonia. The island is an ideal destination for day trips. It’s small, colorful and quiet. It has an area of ​​2.5 square kilometers, with a maximum length of 3 km. And deservedly claims the title of one of the smaller islands of the country. The colors of the houses, olives and oleanders endless compose the color table for those who seek peace and quiet.
Cars are prohibited by law in the beloved island of locals from both sides – and the FOKIDA and Achaia.

It is 17 km from the Hotel

It is 17 km from the hotel and only 500 meters from the shores of Fokida, specifically the villages Cave and Glyfada. The boats carry one behind the other, a few minutes from the place CHANIA, those who want to enjoy a few moments of calm and do their swim on clean beaches of this small island.
It is a small village of 60 homes, with residents not exceed 170, a small harbor, a church, a natural harbor (marina – shelter for boats), with tavernas at the port and in front of it a small beach.
There are three more beaches, Punta 2 km. Southeast of the port and two more with a view of the Peloponnese, the White Gravel and Kapsalis. This is becoming increasingly small beautiful island of Corinth.

The marina

The marina – shelter serves as a stopover for yachts directed by the Saronic Gulf and the Aegean Sea to the Gulf of Patras and the Ionian and vice versa. A focal point in
Corinthian bay that is the same from Lefkada and Piraeus, 90 miles from both parties.