Mountain Nafpaktia Dorida

Trips to mountain Nafpaktia and Dorida

In Nafpaktos and Doris are forests of oak, fir, beech, walnut, chestnut and plane trees, crystal streams, the river Evinos and the majestic lake of Evinos trails in ravines and forest roads in extraordinary beauty, where compose the image of a region, which attracts nature lovers and ideal for alternative tourism activities (kayaking and rafting on the Evinos, hiking, mountain biking, etc.).

Palaioxari, Teichio, Potidaneia, Terpsithea, Elatou, Ano Chora, Lower Town

The route starts after the old bridge Mornos. We meet first we meet the Monastery Varnakova, worth visiting. Continuing the route, meet your right quaint villages Doris Palaioxari, Teichio, Potidaneia. Then on the boundaries of Phocis, located Limnitsa “balcony” overlooking the region of Nafpaktia and Terpsithea, beautiful village built amphitheatrically Elatou, a village built in a pine forest, leading to the villages Upper Town and Lower Town with traditional colors and tourism, spread out in an area with dense vegetation, firs, pines, deciduous trees, chestnut trees and running water. Visit the church of Agia Paraskevi, in the Upper Country, and gorge Chowder, ideal for walks

Kryoneria, Perdikovrysi, Artificial lake Evinos (Evinolimni) Neochori, Arachova and Klepa

Northwest of the Upper Town is the Ampelakiotissa, village with stone houses. Lovers of religious tourism here discover St. Nicholas church with the wooden temple, and a little farther, the monastery Ampelakiotissa. After Kato Chora and following route in area trees, travelers can experience the Kryoneri, village built on an imposing landscape.
Here’s Perdikovrysi, settlement built in a breathtaking location with dense vegetation.
Finally you meet the dam and the artificial lake of Evinos (Evinolimni), with the bridge at the eastern end. Impressive views of the artificial lake offer Neochori village, Arachova and Klepa.

Platanos Perista Perko Kastania Bridge Artotiva

Next stop is the Platanos, the beautiful village that retains unchanged its traditional character and pleasantly surprised diners.
The paved square with the church of Agios Nikolaos, the stone houses, old buildings (elementary – high school, hospital), the museum dedicated to the national resistance, the folklore collection, the beautiful natural surroundings make Platanos special. Interesting also are the paths one hand to Perista and perch, second to the Chestnut.
The arched bridge Artotiva on the banks of the Evinos southwest of Platanos is one of the most remarkable architectural specimens entire Aitoloakarnania.