Archaeological destinations


East of the hotel and within 90 km are located (one of the most famous monuments of ancient civilization) popular Delphi.
Delphi has been in the past the most important holy city and oracle of the ancient world. In the 6th century BC They reorganized the Pythian Games were the second most important competitions after the Olympics, while the Delphic oracle became famous for their oracles. Delphi was considered special place and many people today talk about the special aura due to magnetic fields in the region. It is worth noting that since prehistoric times already referred to as the navel of the earth. You admire the Delphic landscape and to visit the temple tisAthinas Pronaia, the Gymnasium, the Castalia Spring, the sanctuary of Apollo, the Treasure of Sifnos, the Treasure of the Athenians, the Stoa of the Athenians, the retaining wall, the temple of Apollo and the Ancient Theater and Stadium.

Ancient Olympia

Located 120 km from the hotel is the archaeological site of Olympia.
The Sanctuary of Olympia starts from the foot of Kronios hill between Alpheus and its tributary, Kladeo.
It was Panhellenic sanctuary in ancient times, where every four years took place competitions in honor of the father of gods, Zeus.
There is the temple of Zeus and buildings that had been built around it, such as sports facilities, outbuildings, secular buildings. In the sacred grove of the Altis, which occupies the central part and separated from the surroundings by precinct, is the core of the sanctuary with temples, treasures and the most important buildings.
he museum, the most important of our country, includes findings from the excavations in the sacred grove of the Altis, dating from prehistoric up to the Early
Christian times.
Impress the visitor the statue of Nike, work Paionios and the statue of Hermes, a work of Praxiteles (ca. 330 BC).
The hotel organizes day trips bound for ancient Olympia and Delphi.